Digital Content - Music Video


Feature News Story - Fox Television Stations, Inc.

Along with Villanova University School"s marketing team, we chose a group of students to share their experiences with us.  This 15-minute video allows time for an in-depth look at students' experiences and what makes Villanova Law School exceptional.  This is targeted at a captive audience, actively seeking information about the school.

I directed and edited this video of him walking around town in a goofy wig and mask--because he can't become recognizable if he wishes to remain an anonymous restaurant food critic.  I combined that with footage of him singing and playing his song in studio, to tell the story of his journey to find the best cheeseburger in Philly.

This was a companion video to his written review on the Philadelphia Inquirer's web site.  It was meant to be a creative multimedia experiment.

Visual Story-Telling

Digital Content - Student Recruitment

Ced Sinatra

Documentary Short / EPK - RCA Records

Melissa St. Jude

I worked with eIQ energy's CEO, CTO and marketing team to tell a visual story about how their vBoost Solar Power Module is helping transform the future of energy.

Digital Content - Product Promotion

I spent an afternoon with songwriter, Ced Sinatra, as he told me his story, and how it's themes are conveyed through his song-writing.

Dragon Boat Team

Villanova University

Law School

Established Radio Personality, Melissa St. Jude, tells her story.  I combined interviews and footage of her in and around her home with clips of television appearances she had made.  This was her demo reel to score a job as a television host or personality.

eIQ energy

On-Air Personality Demo Reel

Bear with me on this one.  It's a music video cut to a tongue-in-cheek song written by Craig LaBan, the Philadelphia Inquirer's Food Critic.

I followed the Philadelphia Dragon Boat team during a workout as they told me their story of winning the Gold.

This was nominated for a Mid-Atlantic Emmy in the Outstanding Feature News category.


I hold"

Chris Jo‚Äčlissaint

Director of Photography/Producer/Editor